Red Rooibos Tea Health Benefits

Red Rooibos Tea Health Benefits


Rooibos tea has slowly been gaining popularity as healthy, and extremely delicious beverage. The tea, which, originates from South Africa has been around for many centuries though. Its popularity in other countries, however, only started a few years ago. Many prefer it due to the fact that it is flavorful, and also because it’s the preferred caffeine alternative to green and black tea.

Additionally, many of its cheerleaders have gone on record to heap praises on due to its numerous benefits to the body, more so when it comes to areas such as heart health, and skin complexion. Many of its praises are due to the fact that it is indicated that rooibas tea contains antioxidants which can be used to protect an individual against conditions such as stroke, varying types of heart conditions, and cancer.

But how many of the red rooibos tea health benefits being advanced by its supporters are actually true? This article will look at what this tea is, and some of its leading benefits such as helping fight inflammation.


Rooibos Tea—What Is It?


The tea is also known as the red bush tea or the red tea. It is a tea made from the Aspalathus Linearis shrub trees. The shrub is mainly found from the western part of the South African coast. It is important to note that this tea is actually herbal in nature, and is in no way related to black or green tea.

You can create traditional rooibos by fermenting its leaves. The fermentation process leads to the leaves turning a reddish-brown color. This tea is consumed in the same manner that one takes black tea. However, you can always choose to add some sugar and milk for it to taste. The last few years has seen some vendors introduce cappuccinos, iced, teas, lattes, and espressos made using red rooibos tea.

Contrary to popular belief, this tea is not a recommended source of minerals or vitamins, with the only exception being to fluoride and copper. But, the tea does contain essential antioxidants known to come with some potent health benefits. They include the following:



1. It Has More Benefits Compared to Green and Black Tea



Caffeine is one of the most common natural stimulants that can be found in both the green and black teas. Consuming caffeine in small amounts is considered by many health experts to be safe. It may actually have some benefits pertaining to mood enhancement, concentration, and exercise performance. However, you should note that consuming it in large amounts has in the past been linked to headaches, increased anxiety, and heart palpitations.

Therefore, if possible, try to limit your caffeine intake, or do away with it altogether. Given that red rooibos tea happens to be caffeine free, it is a great alternative to green or black tea. In addition, it is also beneficial in that it tends to contain lower tannin levels as compared to green or regular black tea.

Tannins are a natural compound that are regularly found in black and green tea. Traditionally, they have obtained a bad reputation for interfering with the absorption of nutrients, e.g., iron. Finally, red rooibos is considered more attractive as it does not contain any oxalic acid. Consuming too much oxalic acid has been known to potentially increase the risk of damaging your kidney stones. This, therefore, means that this tea is great for any individual who normally suffers from kidney stones.



2. It Is Packed with Antioxidants


The popularity of this tea has continued to soar due to the various benefits associated with it. For instance, when you mention red rooibos tea health benefits, the fact that it contains antioxidants is always likely going to pop up. The tea comes with antioxidants such as quercetin and aspalathin. The two antioxidants are vital in that they help provide protection to your body cells by ensuring that they are not damaged by free radicals.

With time, their effects can help reduce your chances of being affected by certain risks, e.g., cancer and heart disease. But it is essential to point out that there is some evidence which suggests that this tea can increase the levels of antioxidants present in your body. However, any documented increase has normally tended to be very small, and is an increase that does not last for extended durations.

One study(http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0308814610005923) of fifteen participants noted that the antioxidant levels in people who took this tea on a regular basis rose by a margin of 2.9 percent. The same group recorded an increase of 6.6% when they consumed the green variety. It is an increase that lasted for close to five hours for each participant who took half a liter of tea made using 750 mg of leaves derived from the red rooboi shrub.



3. Drinking Roobos Tea May Be Beneficial to People at risk of Getting a Heart Condition


The antioxidants that are normally found in this tea have been seen to be beneficial(https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/8105262) to the human heart. It is something that can happen in a number of ways. For instance, drinking the tea can have beneficial effects on your blood pressure as it inhibits ACE. The enzyme has been known to indirectly increase your blood pressure by forcing the blood vessels to start contracting.


4. It Contains Antioxidants that Can Lower Your Risk of Getting Cancer


Test tube studies have suggested that antioxidants, e.g., luteolin and quercetin which are abundantly found in this tea can be used to prevent tumor growth by killing the cancer cells. But you should note that the quercetin amounts found in a single cup of red rooibos tea are only a small fraction of the entire sum of antioxidants that could be present.

It is, therefore not clear whether the tea has enough of this two kinds of antioxidants, and whether the body is able to absorb them efficiently or not. There is a need for studies to be carried out in human bodies for there to be stronger evidence on whether the antioxidants in this tea can actually be vital in the fight against cancer.



The take home message from the above benefits is hat Rooibos tea is not only delicious, but that it is also healthy for the body. It contains many antioxidants, many of which are known to assist in fighting inflammation, and that the tea comes with low tannins which is thought to be great for the body.






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