Pyrex Tea Pots

Pyrex Tea pots have become very popular of late. What should you be thinking about and taking into consideration if you did decide you was to purchase one.

A Glass Teapot is a beautiful addition to any tea set. Often the Pyrex tea pot shape is indicative of when the Pyrex teapot first came out. Curvy simplistic cylinder designs close to the designs of twenties or thirties.


Pyrex Tea pot History

The first Pyrex teapot was designed by a man named Frederick Carder in 1922. Early Pyrex tea pots were not machine made. The first one was blown by a four man team in corning glass works(yes I said that) Seth Warren was the gaffer in charge of blowing the teapots, Ernie Frankhauser was the finisher who added the spouts and handles, Dick Begell was the gatherer, and Stanley, was the bit boy.



Pyrex is a “specialty glass” or borosilicate glass it is a special in that it expands and contracts less when heated and cooled, making it less likely to break as it heats up in the oven or cools down on the counter top. So if you are thinking of buying a teapot and its not just for show make sure it is heat resistant.


How to clean and take care of your Pyrex teapot

Unlike other ceramic teapots glass teapots, will not hide a multitude of sins as it were. So here a few ways to keep your teapot clean and presentable

1. Rinse out teapot and spout straight after use.

2. Wipe down the outside and base of teapot with a damp cloth

3 Wash with soap and water only. Avoid sodium hypo chloride (Bleach) based products. These  are too harsh.

4 You can clean any stubborn crevices at the bottom of the pot with an old tooth brush to remove any stubborn hard deposits.

5 Do not put your glass teapot in the dish washer.If you must put it in the top shelf.

6 Dry with a soft dry towel or dishcloth. Microfiber towels are good for this purpose or a clean dry tea shirt.

Designs for every one

You’ve probably noticed if browsing for a Pyrex teapot that the designs differ quite a lot. One of my favorites are one that have an infuser in them. This is for those who prefer to use loose-leaf tea. You can of course pop a tea bag in the infuser and it still functions beautifully. I like these little infusers in the teapot though as they serve as a little intrigue.Its lovely to see the light color brew swirl around to become a different color.

Pyrex tea pots without infusers can also be just as spectacular though, as popping a few tea flowers in your glass container and watching them come to life and open up can be just as entertaining.

There are of course some beautiful Vintage Pyrex tea pots but personally I have found them hard to come by 🙁




What should you consider if you decide to purchase one ?

As discussed earlier keeping your teapot in good condition to keep it looking tip-top or tip-pot takes a little care. But other than that the advantages of possessing a glass teapot far out weigh the effort required.

With the teapots being clear you can see if your tea is the right strength for you and can always know how much tea is in the pot. Because the Pyrex is made from borosilicate glass, they can with stand the heat of boiling water and kept tea hot while the handle stays cool.





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