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Lavender Tea is one of the most beneficial herbal teas. It is made from the lavender buds and is considered as an aromatic calming tea. The use of this tea can be dated centuries back. There are some significant health benefits of this tea which make it a natural remedy for many health issues. A freshly brewed cup of lavender tea has many healthy nutrients. Some of these are Vitamin C, potassium, sodium, manganese, magnesium, iron and calcium in specific amounts. With so many good nutrients in just a cup of tea, it can be really beneficial for your health.


Health Benefits Of Lavender Tea


As much as it can be a wonderful aromatic tea, it can also soothe your senses and help you to relax thoroughly. It contains many elements and nutrients that have many health and therapeutic benefits for people. Some of the significant benefits are:

It is great for the tired muscle as it helps to soothe your muscle pains and soreness. Also, this tea is an excellent way to treat your insomnia problems as this has a very calming and relaxing effect. Lavender tea works effectively as an antiseptic. Thus, it can prevent you from any kind of infections or septic. This is also great for maintaining a healthy cardiovascular health keeping your blood pressure and cholesterol in control. Lavender tea is excellent to teat indigestion as well. If you are looking for a great detoxifying method for your body, then having a cup of lavender tea can do wonders. It also acts an anti-inflammatory agent and can improve the respiratory health too.

Lavender tea can go great with some of the other herbal ingredients making it even more beneficial for the health. Here are some of the interesting lavender tea recipes:


Classic Lavender Tea


Before trying on other recipes, you must try the classic recipe once. It is nothing but the pure lavender tea which is very smoothing and calming. It is better to have just before going to bed at night as it can help you to relax your mind and body completely. So, to make this tea, you will need:

1 tablespoons of dried lavender tea

A cup of water

How To Prepare:

You have to place the lavender buds or the dried flower into the tea cup. Now, you have to pour a cup of boiling water over that the lavender buds or dried one. After that, cover it with a small plate so that the steam stays insider. This will help to infuse the flavor.

After 5 minutes, remove the plate and enjoy your classic lavender tea.


Lavender And Lemon Tea

Lavender tea along with lemon can be quite refreshing. Also, lemon is rich in Vitamin C which helps to cure cold and flu, if there any. Lavender lemon tea is also great to make you feel refreshed, besides having lots of health benefits. To make lemon lavender tea, you will need:

Half sliced lemon

One tablespoons of loose lavender tea

Cup of Water

How To Prepare:

Take the dried lavender or lavender buds in a tea cup. Then boil the water and pour a full cup of water over the lavender buds. Next you can squeeze the lemon into it or you can put the slice into the water. Let the lemon as well as the lavender flavor to infuse into the water completely. Keep it covered for 5 minutes and then enjoy the hot lavender lemon tea.


Lavender Honey Tea


Honey is highly beneficial and when mixed with lavender tea, it can taste amazing. You must try this recipe and for that you will need:

2 tablespoons of loose lavender tea

1 teaspoons of honey

1 cup of boiled water.

How to Prepare:

First you have to pour the boiled water into the cup. Then mix the 2 tablespoons of chopped lavender florets into it.Cover it and let the flavor infuse.After 5 minutes, strain away the lavender florets and mix the honey into the lavender tea.


Lavender & Chamomile Tea


Both the lavender and chamomile tea is excellent to soothe your senses and treat your insomnia problem. Hence, you must try this before going to bed after having a hard day at work. For this, you will need:

1 teaspoons of loose chamomile Tea

1 teaspoons of loose lavender Tea

A cup of hot water

How To Prepare:

Place both the chamomile tea and lavender tea into the tea ball or strainer. Then put the ball or the strainer into the cup of hot water. Let it steep for 8 to 10 minutes before you can enjoy the refreshing cup of aromatic tea.


Tulsi (basil) Lavender Tea

If you want to balance the overall systems in your body, then you must try this tea. It is great for improving your immunity and digestive system. For preparing this recipe, you will need:

2 teaspoons of loose lavender tea

1 teaspoons of loose basil leaves

A cup of hot water

How To Prepare:

Put the lavender tea as well as the basil leaves into the tea strainer.Now, you must put the strainer into the hot water.If you want you can add a bit of lemon into this recipe as it can add a great flavour.Let all the flavors get infused into the water for 10 minutes. Now remove the strainer and enjoy it


Lavender Mint Tea


This is one of the best lavender tea recipes as it is refreshing and is full of goodness. It is also quite easy to prepare. For this, you will need:

1 teaspoons of loose mint Tea

One cup of water

2 teaspoons of loose lavender tea

How To Prepare:

Take a cup of water in a bowl and boil it. Then put the mint leaves and lavender tea into the boiled water. Cover the bowl and let it steep for 10 minutes. After that, use a strainer to separate the leaves while pouring the tea into a cup. You can add honey if you want. Otherwise, you can enjoy the refreshing tea now.






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