Green Tea Gift Sets -The Top 8 Gifts For Green Tea Lovers


There is one perfect gift set to gift that special tea lover in your life. You just have to find one that perfectly matches with the occasion and your green tea lover will be immensely impressed.

But it’s not as easy as it sounds…

To impress any tea lover, you really have to get creative. This is because most tea lovers often have the basics covered, which means that the gift on your mind is probably already sitting in their kitchen cabinet.

So what is the best and most perfect green tea gift set to give your green tea lover on their special occasion? Well,we have reviewed the top 10 best green tea gift sets.

1.Numi Flowering Tea Gift Set

Beautiful, elegant, and exotic are the words used to describe this amazing tea gift set.

It’s basically an assorted collection of six flowering tea blossoms plus a glass teapot all encased in an elegant handcrafted bamboo tea chest.
That’s not all:

Inside the gift set package is a variety of premium organic full leaf quality teas as well as herbal teasans that are carefully blended with real fruits, spices, and flowers.

This simply means that your tea lover friend will be able to enjoy her favorite tea, which is green tea, as well as a variety of other teas.

The gift set is not only attractive and elegant, but it’s also quite thoughtful. Your green tea lover friend will be over the moon!


2.Teabloom Blooming Set Gift Set

Now this is one seriously incredible gift set.

This tea gift set comes with all essentials for holding a beautiful, elegant party. So if your tea lover’s birthday or anniversary party is around the corner, this is one of the best gift sets to give them.

If you’re looking for the most durable and quality gift, then you should know that this blooming gift set is for you.



3 Matcha Green Tea Gift Set

They say that preparing and drinking Matcha tea has to be done the right way. That’s why having the best premium great Matcha tea and preparation equipment is an absolute essential.

The gift set features 50 grams of high-quality Japan-made Matcha Tea Powder, a Whisk Holder, a Chasen Whisk, Sifter, Scoop, and Bowl. The bowl is quite stylish and exotic, and the entire gift set which is originally made in Japan makes drinking tea much more exceptional and pleasant.

It’s one beautiful and functional gift set that will impress that tea lover in your life on their special day.


4 Japanese Green Tea Gift Set


There is no better way to show your love and appreciation to your tea lover friend than with a green tea gift set. This Japanese Green Tea Gift Set comes with some of the most popular green teas that your tea lover will absolutely enjoy drinking.

Encased in a beautifully decorated handmade paper box are Hoji Cha, Sen Cha, and Genmai Cha green teas. These are authentic teas that are harvested in recognized Japanese farmlands.

The teas are vacuum-packed and stored in air-tight canisters to keep them extra fresh.

It’s one healthy green tea gift set that is sure to impress your green tea lover, regardless of the occasion.


5.VAHDAM Tea Gift Box Set


If the tea lover in your life is the kind that has no restrictions when it comes to trying out new teas, then the Vahdam Tea Gift Set is just the perfect gift set to give them during their special occasions like Birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and others.

The gift set comes packed with 3 exclusive types of teas including Sweet Himalayan Detox Green Tea, Premium Masala Chai, and Early Gray Masala Chai. The teas are beautifully packed in an elegant gift box.

Because the teas are packed approximately 24-72 hours of harvesting, your special green tea lover will be sure to enjoy fresh tea with the best taste and aroma.

To make the gift more personalized, consider adding a small note.




6.Organic Matcha Green Tea Gift Set


Any green tea lover will surely appreciate this Organic Matcha Green Tea Gift Set. This is because it contains all the essentials your green tea lover needs to make a freshly brewed cup of the famous Matcha Green Tea.

The package comes with 16 oz organic matcha green tea powder, a beautiful black matcha tea bowl, a Bamboo spoon, and an electric whisk frother for easy and fast preparation.

It’s just the perfect gift set for that special green tea lover in your life. Is there a better way to make their special day exceptional?



7.Wide-Mouthed Tea Pot Flowering Gift Set


Brewing green tea in a glass teapot has never been easier, thanks to Primula Half-Moon Tea Pot Flowering Gift Set.

This temperature safe glass teapot is designed in such a way that it does not retain flavours. Your green tea lover can therefore enjoy a wide variety of teas, whether its green tea or detox tea.

Thanks to its half-moon design and a blooming flower, this tea pot makes the perfect tea accessory.

In addition to the beautiful teapot, the gift set comes with a stainless steel infuser for tea bag or loose leaf, as well as three flowering green teas.

It’s just the perfect green tea gift set to show your love and appreciation to that green tea fanatic in your life.


8.Tea Forte Tea Tasting Tea Chest Gift Set


The Tea Forte Gift Set is an exclusive assortment of some of the most popular teas like green teas, black teas, oolong teas, herbal teas, and white tea blends.

The tea chest sampler contains 40 assorted pyramid tea bag infusers that are carefully handcrafted to allow the fine whole tea leaves to produce the tastiest, most flavorful cup of tea.

To make the gift set even more attractive and presentable, this gift set is wrapped in a beautiful embossed pattern gift box and tied with a satin ribbon

Your special green tea lover will surely appreciate this amazing gift set.



Finding the perfect gift for your tea lover buddy doesn’t have to be hard. Choose the perfect gift set for your tea lover from this exclusive list and make their special day a little more “special.”

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  1. Love this article. Especially appreciate that you bring out the need to filter your water properly. My wife and I have looked and looked to find the right types of filters for our water to keep our teas pure. Thank you for the recommendations there, we will definitely try them out. Great job!

  2. Hi, Louise..
    Green tea is very good for you. We drink a green tea/ginger tea that is really good. As far as the gift sets, I think I prefer the first one, the Numi flowering. I like the variety of tea it offers and it flowers in the pot, plus the glass pot and tea chest are cute. It’s an interesting gift idea.
    Thanks for the information!


  3. Fantastic article. We’re getting in that time of year when it’s time to start thinking about the Holidays.
    I was searching the web and came across your article looking for gift ideas. I have found one gift here for my wife the wide mouthed tea pot flowering gift set.
    Thank you so much for the great article.

  4. This is the first article about Tea where someone has thought outside the box regarding accessories that go along with drinking the Tea.I am a Chamomile Tea and Mint Tea lover so this interesting read. I have family members who drink a lot of Tea as well so they might benefit from this post

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