Does Green Tea Help Weight Loss


Does Green Tea Help Weight Loss

In America alone there are 158 million people who drink a cup of tea every day. In last year alone there was 80 billion servings of tea by Americans, this translates into about 3.6 billion gallons. In the matter of tea varieties black tea is leading at around 84 percent. That said it is noteworthy that green tea has been growing at a rate higher than that of black tea. This may be party due to green tea`s reputation to help weight loss?

With all the new interest that green tea has aroused it is worth going through some of the benefits especially those related to weight loss.



Green tea has caffeine and flavonoids that have been shown to increase the metabolic rate. This also leads to an increase in the fat oxidation and in the process improves  insulin activity. In one study it was shown that people who were consuming green tea with caffeine had been able to lose at least 2.9 pounds in average. This was the observation over a twelve week period. All this happened while the subjects of the study were sticking to their usual diet.


You can lose weight

It is seen from the above study that the chances of you losing weight with Green tea are good. The results will however not be the same for everyone. You may be consuming a variety of green tea that is different from another. This means that you can not expect the same results as someone else who has told you that they are consuming green tea. There are those who have found that taking just two and a half cups of green tea useful. Drinking green tea can and will lead to a significant weight loss but you need to ensure that you are not dependent on it solely as the main instrument to your weight loss method. But more so a supplement to an already healthy diet and lifestyle.


Green tea variety

The variety of green tea that you drink will have an effect on the desired results. For the best results consider consuming matcha green tea. Matcha comprises the best source of nutrients and antioxidants. Also the whole leaf is ground and consumed whereas with other varieties the leaves are just steeped. Take a closer look at the quality of tea leaves that you decide to buy. It is also advisable to check the ingredients that are making up the green tea that you  consume. The best green tea for your consumption is one which have all natural ingredients. Avoid artificial preservatives and sweeteners.


Brewing your green tea

How you brew your tea is of much importance. There is the right and wrong manner of brewing your green tea. Using boiling water is not good for the catechins. Catechins are significant as they comprise of the green tea’s healthy chemicals. After boiling your water you need to let it cool for about ten minutes after which you can pour water over your tea. You can then proceed to brew it for a minute or two before serving. The time taken for brewing is according to your preference so you can prolong it or make it shorter. It’s all about your choice and preference. If,you use loose tea leaves its good to consume it within six months or so. This is to ensure you are consuming tea that still has its antioxidants properties. Any month beyond that the tea will start to lose its amazing properties.


Some benefits of green tea

Green tea is loved by many for its health benefits. It is high in antioxidants and nutrients, stimulates a healthy mind as well as cancer fighting compounds. This is just one of the reasons why many people are making the choice to drink green tea daily. Unsweetened green tea is one of the healthiest options. This is because it has no calories sugar or fat. . Green tea is also a good way of controlling your food cravings as green tea can help to lower your blood sugar levels. A spiked or high sugar level can lead to cravings for sugary snacks.


A word of caution

Green tea has its many advantages but are there any hidden dangers. Due to the fact that some find the taste a little challenging many experiment with sugar or some other artificial sweetener. If,you are going to add some fruit to it that’s fine as it will not cancel out the benefit that green tea has. If,you are going to add sugar or milk it brings with it some additional calories.

This may be calories that you may have not factored in. If,you are consuming more calories you are going to gain more weight instead of losing the weight that you had planned. So keep a keen eye on any habits.



A good choice

If,you are taking green tea you can continue enjoying it, you are consuming a great product. But be sure to reduce the sugar or sweetener that you take it with. Also be mindful your caffeine consumption. The FDA recommends that you should not take more than 400 milligrams of caffeine on a daily basis. Commonly a cup of green tea has around 25 milligrams of caffeine. So two to fours cups of green tea should be perfectly fine.

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