Ceylon Tea Benefits – 5 Health Benefits Worth Noting



In the past, Sri Lanka was known by the name Ceylon. It was in 1972 that the country was renamed, Sri Lanka. Ceylon tea is basically a product of Sri Lanka. It is produced using either white tea leaves, green tea leaves or black tea leaves. People all over the world love Ceylon tea and usually consume it cold or hot. It is thought to provide a number of health benefits due to its high content of polyphenols. Thus the regular consumers of Ceylon tea have reported enjoying numerous health benefits. Among them is the ability of the tea to boost immunity, aid weight loss, and prevent certain chronic ailments.

Ceylon tea also contains potassium in considerable amounts. This is one of the key minerals that help to relax blood vessels and maintain good heart health. For the diabetics, Ceylon tea plays a very important role in controlling the blood sugar levels. It contains caffeine for increased cognition and mental acumen.Ceylon tea benefitscan be derived from black, green or white tea.

1. Protecting Heart Health

When it comes to maintaining heart health, Ceylon tea is a star. It contains a number of flavonoids and polyphenols, which promote good heart health. Together with the antioxidants in Ceylon tea, the polyphenols reduce the damaging effects of free radicals. It is through this process that the DNA in the cells are protected from damage. In two meta-analyses done on this subject, the consumption of green and black tea was established to have the ability to lower the blood content of bad cholesterol (LDL). While at it, the tea did not, in any way, affect the good (HDL) or overall cholesterol. In one study, 263 subjects consumed 3 cups of black tea daily for 12 weeks. These individuals were established to have diminished markers for heart disease such as C-reactive protein and uric acid. Therefore, one of the Ceylon tea benefits is that it reduces the risk of developing heart disease. Its regular consumption is also known to reduce blood pressure as well as the hardening of the blood vessels.

2. Fighting Cancer

Although the compounds in Ceylon tea may not be strong enough to cure cancer, they can prevent the onset of the disease and its recurrence. In fact, one of the benefits of Ceylon tea is that drinking it daily can help minimize the risks that lead to cancer. In a review of scientific studies, it was established that green tea has the ability to reduce the risk of liver cancer. In the Asian population, green tea has been found to be more effective in women than men. In a meta-analysis or several studies, green tea was found to reduce the risk of lung cancer. Further studies have found that supplementing with the catechins contained in green tea helps to reduce the progression of prostate cancerin the body. Ceylon tea has been found to prevent the development of cancer in the esophagus. All that thanks to antioxidants such thearubigins and theaflavins contained in both green and black Ceylon tea. Due to the action of these antioxidants, Ceylon tea reduces the damaging effects in the body at cell level, thus preventing cancer. The tea pigment theaflavin-gallate is known to cause apoptosis or death of cancer cells thus curtailing their growth.

3. Improving Cognition and Brain Function

Another Ceylon tea benefit is that it increases mental energy levels. It contains a number of minerals and vitamins, which together with caffeine help to boost cognition and mental function. Ceylon tea also contains flavonoids which help make your mental focus sharper. In one study, drinking black tea on a daily basis helped to improve alertness and attention in the subjects. Another study involving 10 seniors who drunk low-caffeine tea on a daily basis found that the subjects had reduced stress coupled with improved sleep quality. A review of several studies established that green tea has the ability to reduce anxiety, boost cognition, and improve memory and attention. While the L-theanine and caffeine in Ceylon tea play an important role in improving cognition and mental function, there are other compounds involved. For example, the EGCG in tea helps to increase the production of iron-export protein known as ferroportin. This plays a key role in reducing stress in the brain. Drinking Ceylon tea also helps to reduce the rate at which nerve cells degenerate thus curtailing the onset of Parkinson’s disease.



4. Aiding Weight Loss

When you drink Ceylon tea without sugar or milk, you are basically consuming zero calories. You just have no reason to worry about gaining weight. Therefore, one of the major benefits of Ceylon tea is that it aids weight loss. It is loaded with flavonoids, which have been established to be able to induce weight loss. Due to their ability to increase the body’s metabolism levels, the flavonoids increase the number of calories you burn in a day. In a study, ingesting green tea extract before exercise was found to increase the rate at which fats are burned. The polyphenols in tea also reduce the rate at which fats are formed in the body apart from stimulating fat breakdown.

5. Regulating Diabetes

Taking Ceylon tea has the ability to improve insulin sensitivity in individuals suffering from diabetes. When taken before physical activity, green tea extract has been established to improve insulin tolerance and sensitivity. Thus one of the Ceylon tea benefits is that it regulates diabetes. A five-year study involving 17,143 people in Japan established that consuming green tea has the ability to reduce the type 2 diabetes risk. This was corroborated by another study in Britain, which showed that drinking tea and coffee can help increase the incidence of diabetes. In all these, Ceylon tea plays a very important role in regulating the levels of insulin and sugar in the body. Thus, diabetics can be sure of having no drastic drops and spikes in sugar and insulin levels, which can endanger their lives.

If you haven’t taken Ceylon tea yet, time is now. The earlier you start drinking it, the earlier you’ll build a healthy body and reduce your risk of developing numerous health conditions.

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