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From its early days as a staple in traditional Chinese medicine, agriculture, and mythology to its super rich history as a ceremonial symbol of esteem and affluence, green tea continues to be a fascinating beverage that is ever evolving. It is a beverage that comes loaded with anti-inflammatory polyphenols, essential nutrients, and powerful antioxidants.

Today, green tea has become quite popular among wellness enthusiasts and is often praised for its many health benefits. When looking for the best green tea brand, you should definitely consider the following brands:

1. Lipton Green Tea (Best Green Tea Brand for Overall Value)

If you are searching for the best overall value in your cup of green tea, then Lipton Green Tea is the brand for you. With this green tea, you get to enjoy the best quality of green tea at the lowest price possible. The tea is made by one of the most popular tea companies in the world. With this brand, Lipton has been able to produce a high quality product, but one that retails at a very affordable rate.

This brand of green tea is ideal for tea enthusiasts who look for convenience. This is because the tea has been made using simple ingredients, and is sold in tea bags. The only ingredient in this blend are the green tea leaves.a report from Consumer Labs indicates that this blend of green tea contains the highest EGCG contents (at 71mg)for each cup of tea.


•100% green tea

•Packed in convenient tea bags

•Affordably prices

•Has a very high level of antioxidants

2. Lean Green Supergreen Tea (Best Green Tea for Weight Loss)

Weight loss is one of the many benefits associated with the consumption of green tea. But how does it really work? Researchers have indicated that antioxidants, e.g., EGCG and caffeine could be the main reason why green tea is able to assist with weight loss. A recent study(http://www.clinicalnutritionjournal.com/article/S0261-5614(15)00134-X/abstract) indicated that consuming green tea helps in reducing ghrelin (the hunger hormone), and, therefore, helps in controlling appetite.

Lean Green Supergreen is considered the best green tea brand for those looking to lose weight. It is a blend of tea that features garcinia cambogia extract, cinnamon, and organic green tea. Cinnamon, which is one of the ingredients in this brand is one of the spices that have in the past been seen to help with weight loss.

This product that has been made by the Republic of Tea combines all these ingredients to come up with a brand of tea that can really impact your weight loss journey. All its ingredients have been certified by the USDA. Additionally, the tea bags used to hold the green tea have not been bleached in any way. This, therefore, implies that the chances of you running into ingredients that may be considered harmful are minimal.


•Comes in highly convenient tea bags

•It has been expressly formulated to help with weight loss

•Green tea is the first ingredient

•All the organic ingredients that have been used to make this blend have been certified by USDA

3. Organic Matcha (Best Matcha Green Tea)

Matcha is one of the most popular ways of taking green tea. Matcha is a term used to refer to pulverized green tea leaves that have been properly grounded to a fine powder. To prepare this type of tea, the powder must be dissolved in milk or water. As such, it means that you get to ingest this leaves directly.

This particular product is known to feature organic Japanese green tea matcha. Additionally, the tea has been made using a single ingredient—green tea. It comes with a recommended dosage which is 1 tablespoon for 8 oz of water. Many people have praised it for its taste, as well as the energy they get from drinking the tea. Although many people prefer to take it with water, there are those that go a step further and prepare enhanced drinks and lattes from this matcha powder.


•100% green tea

•USDA certified organic ingredient

How Much Green Tea Should a Person Take?

There are studies that suggest that one should take as many as four to five cups each day. However, there are also other studies that recommend taking more modest amounts. The good news is that there are not many concerns pertaining to the adverse effects that green tea may have, apart from the fact that it is likely to reduce your iron absorption levels.

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