Benefits drinking tea everyday -Including tea in your daily diet

Drinking plenty of water getting enough of sleep and exercise, eating a nutritious well-balanced diet. These are the cornerstones of a healthy body and mind. How can tea help you. Well recent studies have shown that drinking tea can even out weigh the benefits of drinking plain water. What are benefits than of drinking tea every day ? How can it impact your health ? How can you integrate tea into your daily busy life ? Can you drink too much tea ?

Benefits of Tea


Though it was often thought that tea dehydrates the body this theory has been recently debunked. The diuretic effect does not offset the hydrating benefits. Drinking four to six cups of tea would be as hydrating as drinking a litre of water. There are of course many types of teas to interest anyone who finds drinking plain water a chore. Why not consider tea as a flavorful way to keep you hydrated.

Immune system booster
Scientist have discovered that an amino acid known as L-theanine can strengthen our immunity and fight off infection. Tea is one of the few ways to get integrate L-theanine in your diet without a supplement. Particularly high in L-theanine is green tea specifically Matcha. L-theanine is also available in oolangs white or black teas but at much lower levels.

Lower Cholesterol
Flavonoids are phenolic compounds found in most plant foods and in particularly high concentrations in tea. Recent studies have found that in people at risk for coronary disease, tea and its flavonoids can have a significant cholesterol lowering effect.

Sooth digestive system

Tea is anti sporadic so can helps sooth a restless digestive system. For those with irritable bowl syndrome tea like chamomile can be beneficial. Drinking a tea after a meal is a soothing way to prevent indegestion . Oolong tea can help with absorption and indegestion while a fermented tea like pu-erh helps to lower the cholesterol and the absorption of heavy foods.
Commonly used to treat occasional nausea, ginger tea is thought to work by breaking up the gasses in the digestive tract. That means it may also help you beat bloating caused by excess gas that may result from overeating or eating the wrong thing

Calm nerves help elevate anxiety

There are a good deal of tea even in the ritual in preparing can help to prepare a calm mind before bed or prepare for a stressful day. The catechins in tea leaves help to reduce inflammation, support the immune system, lower cholesterol, and support the immune system, which greatly supports the body in times of stress.

Beyond typical tea we’re most familiar with, there’s a long list of herbal teas made from the roots and leaves of other plants that can calm anxiety, reduce feelings of anxiety and stress, improve sleep, mood and energy. The best teas for stress, found in places ranging from Siberia to your own backyard, can lower levels of cortisol and other stress hormones, and boost the brain’s production of mood boosting hormones serotonin and dopamine to have a calming effect.
Some of the best teas for stress are Catnip, Lavender, Tulsi, Ashwagandha,Rhodolia, Valerian, Passion flower, Lemon balm, Lavender, Chamomile.

Tea for the super busy life style

We are all super busy so how can you bring tea into your life if you barely have time to boil a kettle let alone brew a tea bag for 5 minutes.

Infuser Mugs

Infuser mugs’ offer the taste of tea brewed in teapot, but in a convenient mug. The glass infuser sits neatly in the top of the mug while your favorite tea steeps, then once it’s ready the infuser can be removed and placed on the mugs’ lid that also serves as a coaster. So, you can have fuss and mess free loose-leaf tea at your desk.

Tea tumblers

These thermal travel mugs’ offer a convenient way to drink your tea on the go. Just like a traditional thermos the stainless steel interior will keep your tea warm for long enough, whether you’re commuting to work, at your desk or running in and out of meetings.

The genius part of the tea tumbler though is the removable tea basket, which allows you to infuse all sorts of loose-leaf tea and drink it straight from the tumbler.

DIY teabags

Tea lovers don’t just have one type of tea on the go at once, and you can take your whole collection to work! But you can create your own tea bags, so you have a range of your favorite teas available on the go. The large, DIY tea bags are easy to use, simply add your tea, fold the bag and use as a normal tea bag.

DIY teabags are a great idea if you want to try creating your own herbal and fruit infusions too.

Can you drink too much ?

Is there too much of a good thing ? Are there any side effects to drinking copious amounts ? How much is too much ?

Disruption of Iron Absorbtion

Tea contains tannins a chemical structure that can interfere with your bodies ability to absorb Iron. This maybe a problem with those with consuming only a small amount of iron in their diet and or have an already pre-existing iron deficiency.

Caffeine Consuption

Large amounts of caffeine can lead to dependency it can also make you jittery and irritable which can also disrupt your sleep.

Drug Interaction

Some tea can counteract with your medication. It is advisable to always seek medical advice if you are on a medication.


Drinking two to four cups of tea with caffeine in it should be fine depending on your own tolerance. Pregnant women it is advised to cut out caffeine all together. Un caffeinated tea you can drink up to Four to six cups, but again this can depend on the individual and caution should be taken with anything you are putting in your body. Always consult your physician if you are not sure or if you feel that you are having a bad reaction to anything.



Any questions please leave a comment below. Id love to hear about your experiences with incorporating tea into your daily diet. How did you find it ?






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