Loose tea

Loose tea leaves is one of  the best way to enjoy the benefits of tea drinking.

Since loose tea consists of larger leaves it keeps more of its powerful  antioxidants.

Loose tea has more surface area than the “tea dust”  that go into bags. The larger the leaves, the more natural oils you get to steep from of them, and this of course means better flavor, and  a more pleasant scent!

Black tea

Black tea health benefits include: Help lower cholesterol, improve gut health, lower blood sugar levels, reduce blood pressure, boost cardiovascular function.

Taste and aroma varies from sweet to savoury.


Chamomile Tea health benefits include: Anti-spasmodic which can help relieve the painful cramps associated with the stomach and intestinal problems including Ulcers, Gas,Nausea,Bloating . It also aids in getting a restful night sleep and calms the mind.

Chamomile has a sweet floral aroma.

Best described as: light ,earthy, sweet, floral, airy

Green tea

Green tea health benefits include: Improved brain function,fat loss, lowering risk of cancer.

Green tea has a crisp fresh aroma

Best described as: Nutty,vegetal,buttery,oceanic,fruity


Lavender Tea health benefits include: treating indigestion, Soothing tired sore muscles, helping you sleep, fighting inflamation, improving respiratory and cardiovascular health,relieving headache. treating acne.

Lavender has a pungent floral smoky aroma.

Best described as: woody, earthy, smokey, floral, minty.


Oolong tea health benefits include:  sharpens thinking skills and improve mental alertness.Helps  prevent cancer, tooth decay, heart disease, and osteoporosis.

Described Fresh,sweet and fragrant